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hi im trying to get nodes values from web service which is work only when i return a string
but when i return object give me an error

What I have tried:

        public  book  find(string id)
            XElement xelement = XElement.Load("books.xml");

            IEnumerable<XElement> listOfBooks = xelement.Elements();
            foreach (var _books in listOfBooks)
                if(_books.Element("title").Value==id )
                    this._book.genre= _books.Element("genre").Value;
                    this._book.title= _books.Element("title").Value;
                    this._book.description= _books.Element("description").Value;                  
            return _book;

And in my main form
BooksSoapClient obj;
        public Form1()
            obj = new BooksSoapClient();

        private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)

            book bk=(book) obj.find(textBox1.Text);
            label1.Text =;
Updated 22-Nov-18 0:35am
[no name] 22-Nov-18 6:29am    
You want all the node value of the xml?
Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 6:52am    
yes i can get the values but i wanted to return an group of nodes as object !
but the problem not sure how to reuse the object .
book bk=(book) obj.find(textBox1.Text);
[no name] 22-Nov-18 6:53am    
Try the below code which will return the list of node object
Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 6:59am    
! Thanks , still its not the problem,
if you look at my code how i suppose to re use the obj had been returned from find function.
Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 6:57am    
no only that match my id
then return all as obj , but couldn't figure out how re use the obj

1 solution

Try with this. It will give all node name and node value.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
	<JobCode>Enter job code</JobCode>
	<ParentJobCode>Enter parent job code</ParentJobCode>
	<Name>Enter name</Name>
	<JobType>Select job type</JobType>
	<MonitorInterval>Enter monitor interval</MonitorInterval>
	<ThreadSleepTime>Enter thread sleep time</ThreadSleepTime>
	<NoOfThread>Enter no of thead</NoOfThread>
	<TimeZoneDifference>Enter time zone</TimeZoneDifference>
	<Remarks>Enter remark</Remarks>
	<SMTPServer>Enter SMTP server</SMTPServer>
	<EmailBody>Enter email body</EmailBody>
	<SendInterval>Enter send interval</SendInterval>
	<NoOfTimes>Enter no of times</NoOfTimes>

 public class GenericModel
    public string NodeName{ get; set; }
    public string NodeValue { get; set; }

List<GenericModel> placeHolder = new List<GenericModel>();
XmlDocument doc = new XmlDocument();
  XmlElement root = doc.DocumentElement;
  XmlNodeList nodes = root.SelectNodes("/placeholders");
    foreach (XmlNode node in nodes)
       foreach (XmlNode child in node.ChildNodes)
          placeHolder.Add(new GenericModel()
              NodeName = child.Name,
              NodeValue = child.InnerText

var obj= placeHolder.Find(r => r.NodeName== textBox1.Text);
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Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 6:55am    
hithanks for answer i can collect which nodes , as object like i wrote above ,
but couldnot reuse the object when i call obj.find(textBox1.Text); , i find my nodes but still cant take them speart.
[no name] 22-Nov-18 7:02am    
I have improved the solution. Please check.
var obj= placeHolder.Find(r => r.NodeName== textBox1.Text)
It will give you the object.
Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 7:07am    
thats true ,
if i have a list of obj,
and return the list ! how i can reuse it , get list parameter!?
[no name] 22-Nov-18 7:10am    
You have a list of object. You want to find the specific object from the list. Then simply use this linq.
var obj= placeHolder.Find(r => r.NodeName== textBox1.Text)
Member 13990122 22-Nov-18 7:09am    
public List<string> find(string id)

XElement xelement = XElement.Load("books.xml");

IEnumerable<xelement> listOfBooks = xelement.Elements();
var retList = new List<string>();
foreach (var _books in listOfBooks)
if(_books.Element("title").Value==id )
//this._book.genre= _books.Element("genre").Value;
//this._book.title= _books.Element("title").Value;
//this._book.description= _books.Element("description").Value;

return retList;


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