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I can't seem to get my bluetooth discovery and receiving of data to work.

All the resources I found online does not work for me.

I hope someone is able to show me a very well explained example or a source code that is working.

Thank you so much

What I have tried:

Alot of receiving and discovering of bluetooth devices.
Updated 25-Nov-18 3:38am
David Crow 23-Nov-18 21:46pm    
So what exactly do you need help with, discovering Bluetooth devices, being discovered as a Bluetooth device by others, or something else?

If the former, have you called registerReceiver() with the BluetoothDevice.ACTION_FOUND intent? You'll need to derive a class from BroadcastReceiver, and in its onReceive() method, listen for that intent.
dansica 23-Nov-18 23:18pm    
I have done the RegisterReceiver() and also the Broadcast Receiver.

I am not sure how to get a connection between my Arduino and my Android. I have tried many codes but it still does not work and whenever I start the app, it crashes.
David Crow 24-Nov-18 13:00pm    
"I am not sure how to get a connection between my Arduino and my Android."

You failed to mention this in your initial post.

See if this helps:
dansica 24-Nov-18 13:26pm    
Sorry about that.

Thank you I will check it out!

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