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Hello everyone.
I am working on an application for windows mobile 7.
I need to send some information from my application to some user via email.
I am using "EmailComposeTask()" for this. But i am getting error "email cant send. make sure u have setup an accout"

How to setup an email account in windows7 emulator.
Can anyone help me?

Following code i am using ...

emailComposeTask = new EmailComposeTask();
            emailComposeTask.Body = textBox1.Text;
            emailComposeTask.To = textBox2.Text;

Updated 28-Nov-10 18:30pm
Richard MacCutchan 12-Nov-10 4:43am    
1. Explain your problem in more detail, exactly what are you having trouble with.
2. It's not urgent, except to you.

If it was that urgent, why did you not try google?
Google search "send email c#"[^]
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As the error suggests, make sure your outlook server is setup and running.
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Ashutosh kumar Tripathi 29-Nov-10 0:48am    
Hi abhinav... can u please tell me how to setup outlook server in windows mobile7 emulator ??
It can be because of various reasons. You need to look at them one by one.
Is the port open? Firewall permissions in place?
Further make sure you have configured SMTP configuration in Web.Config:
     <smtp from="">
       <network host="somesmtpserver" port="25" userName="name" password="pass" defaultCredentials="true" />

If needed, have a look at this Microsoft Video tutorial:
Use ASP.NET to send Email from Website[^]
If needed, there are lots of article on this very site on how to send emails
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Ashutosh kumar Tripathi 29-Nov-10 4:58am    
Hello Sandeep .. thanx for your ans. But i am using c# 4.0 not ASP.NET.

can u help me for c#4.0 .


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