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Hi everybody
I got a question about "Error Handling" in
what's the meaning of "Throw Exception" and "Throw new Exception"?
and When we should use it?
I understand the using of Try...Catch...Finally
But I don't know the using of "Throw"?

Please help..
Updated 12-Nov-10 4:15am

Throw lets you raise your own exceptions within your application which can then be caught with try..catch. You can also re-throw caught exceptions:

  myBuggyCode.myFlakyMethod("some parameter bla bla");
catch(Exception ex)

  throw ex;
To expand a little on jim's answer.

throw is used to surface an Exception that has already been raised, and often caught in a catch block.

throw new ....
is often used in circumstances like:
if (divisor == 0)
  throw new DivideByZeroException("Naughty, naughty");

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