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Now that we are almost a decade further, I guess MS wouldn't mind if we could hack that nice old lightweight express edition of visual studio 2010 to accept extensions/addins. Does anyone have any idea how to eventually do this?

What I have tried:

Googled it but no luck for a solution so far ..
Updated 7-Dec-18 23:14pm

What, like the ones it has had all along?
Building and publishing an extension for Visual Studio 2010 | The Visual Studio Blog[^] - doesn;t work on Express edition:
Note – extensions will only work on the Integration Shell, Pro, Premium, and Ultimate. The extension won’t work in the Express Editions. If you want to build extensions for the Express Editions, you’re limited to toolbox controls, item templates, project templates, and custom start pages.

I suspect MS would indeed mind if you start hacking it's software - especially given the licence conditions you agreed to when you installed the (free) product.

Upgrade to VS2013 Community instead of exposing yourself to possible legal problems.
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Thanks for your reply @OriginalGriff .

I know I can upgrade to newer community versions and if there is no other choice, that will be my final destination.

My issue is that they do not have the same look as VS2010 which I like. And since the community versions now have the same extensions functionalities for free, that was for paid back then in VS2010 Professional for example, I'm hoping for a small miracle.

You're right about exposing myself to possible legal problems. No need for that. It's better to ask Microsoft directly and see what they say..
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