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I am designing an application for my company in Windows forms using the third party tool (Devexpress) to give a proper good look. I have designed almost all the forms but now I am stuck and realize that the application design is not meeting up the expectations I would say that I missed the feature to add. The design which I choose is office 2010 UI. I need the help of anyone who has an experience of developing WIN applications.

My application forms are basically having three different levels, Drafts, Submit and Posted. I have designed the main input form but now when I am thinking to identify these three levels and to search them my design looks like sh*t.

What I have tried:

I have tried in searching and surfing the internet to get an idea of design if someone has developed and I can get benefitted of it but I could not find anything related to it.
Updated 18-Dec-18 8:48am

Member 13941911 18-Dec-18 23:20pm
Richard I read the documentation before the start but the issue is now how to design the view to show historical documents to the user. Some expertise is required to tweak the design.
Richard MacCutchan 19-Dec-18 3:04am
I am sorry but that is an impossible question to answer. You need someone to sit with you and actually run the application to see where the design would benefit from changes. All we can do here is help with actual coding issues.
Member 13941911 19-Dec-18 3:28am
Yes, Richard you are right is it possible that I share a design with you so you.
Richard MacCutchan 19-Dec-18 3:33am
Sorry, I am not a graphics designer.
Maybe you can find something here: Search Skinning[^]
It is however notoriously difficult to "skin" winforms ...
Member 13941911 18-Dec-18 23:20pm
This is something related to make up my issue is different.
"Levels" are an "abstraction". There are different ways to realize them: hierarchies; drilling down; filtering; synchronized views.

You need to think about "use cases"... How will the user interact (best) with your app? Sometimes you need to support multiple "views" of the same data to get past the sh*t (of a single view).
Member 13941911 18-Dec-18 23:21pm
erry, you point out the exact right thing, Richard I read the documents before starting but a mistake has done at my side as I have considered view at a different point.
The main problem for me right now is viewing of historical relation of the documents how to show it to a user either by keeping it in the separate window or by re-designing the form. I even don't mind to re-design them again. If you guys have developed any application please share a screenshot with me might be I can have an idea how to do it.

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