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AJAX/PHP related question, is there a way to list 5000 records at a time and than APPEND next 5000 records in HTML Table and so on until end of records using ajax - php

Load Script on click of a HTML Button: OR document.ready() and also show progress bar.

What I have tried:

// counter that allows you to get a new set of rows
var step = 0;
// set variable if you want to restrict the number of rows will be loaded
var maxStep = 0;//
// how many rows should be returned
var count = 5000;
// if the cancel button is pressed
var cancel = false;

$(function() {



        cancel = true;

function getData()

    //If cancel variable is set to true stop new calls
    if(cancel == true) return;
    // checks if the variable is set and limits how many rows to be fetched
    if(maxStep >0 and step >= maxStep) return;

        ,function(data, textStatus, jqXHR){   

		if(textStatus == "success")
                 foreach ($data as $row) {
          echo $row['username']." -- ID :" .$row['user_id']. " -- FirstName :" .$row['first_name']. "<br>\n";
		if(textStatus == "error")
      alert("Error: " + jqXHR.status + ": " + jqXHR.statusText);
             // when it finishes processing the data, call back function


==== ajax.php  =====

step = 0;
if(isset($_POST['step'])) $step = (int)$_POST['step'];

$count = 0;
if(isset($_POST['count'])) $count = (int)$_POST['count'];

if($step>0 and $count>0)
    $offset = ($step-1) * $count;        
    $limit = $offset.','.$count;

    // --------------        
    // your code here
    // --------------
  $data = $DB->query("SELECT * FROM user_details LIMIT .$limit")->fetchAll();
    $result = mysql_query($sql);
    $arr_result = array();
  foreach ($data as $row) {
           $arr_result[] = $row;
    $arr_result_enc = json_encode($arr_result);
    echo $arr_result_enc;

    // echo rows
    //echo json_encode($rows);        
Updated 18-Dec-18 5:27am
MadMyche 18-Dec-18 9:31am
Please use the Improve Question widget and wrap your blocks of code into code blocks, makes it a lot easier to read. Also move your "comments" into the block as well
Member 14093672 18-Dec-18 15:47pm
Richard Deeming 18-Dec-18 11:38am
Seriously? Who is actually going to scroll through 5000 records at a time trying to find the one they want? Let alone an infinite scroller with a page size of 5000.

If a user can check one record per second, it would take them nearly 90 minutes to scan through a single page of results. And that's assuming they don't need to leave for a "comfort break", or even blink.

Give your users the tools to find the information they want without having to scroll through such a massive list. Either let them search or filter the data, or show them a summary.
Member 14093672 18-Dec-18 15:48pm
Seriously, thats a kind of requirement, I may consider loading 1000 records at a time, @Richard do you know what i am doing wrong in my script. could suggest changes to my script please?

1 solution

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Solution 1

What you are looking for is called infinite scroll, and is easily searchable. Try comparing PHP samples to your code and see how they line up.
Member 14093672 18-Dec-18 10:29am
I was having issues to update, now I guess it looks acceptable. I am new to this site, hope my formatting will improve gradually as mt coding knowledge. Any help is highly appreciated.

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