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I am developing an App in Cordova and I am going crazy to debug.

Any suggestion to be able to dubber will be welcome.

Thank you

What I have tried:

The Android Studio emulator slows down the computer a lot so I can not use it, so to check anything, I have to build the whole app and then upload it to a phone, which in addition to the time it takes, then I can not have information of what happens as if I could have it in a computer browser.

I had found this:

<a href=""></a>[<a href="" target="_blank" title="New Window">^</a>]

That allows you to connect the phone and debug with Chrome, but although my application works perfectly, when I see it from chrome it tells me that it can not find the resource and I can not use it either from the phone or from the browser. Specifically, he tells me that:

/ android_asset / www / # / bookappointments: 1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I thought it would be because I made a bundle when building with the webpack, but I tried to build before with ng build --prod --sourceMap = true to have the sourceMap but neither ... I do not know if there is a possibility to build the application with all the files so that instead of being compressed it keeps the whole structure and can debug like this ...
mehr.ah 20-Dec-18 15:05pm    
If your system is slow it is not your fault and you can't do any thing about that but elevate hardware (cpu , ram , vga).some hardware accelerator same as intel humax may help.
I suggest you for current situation you can use your devise (phone) directly instead emulator, it is much more faster that emulator , you need to connect your phone with usp to your pc and sync them together. then android studio use your phone instead emulator.
Member 14096264 26-Dec-18 10:08am    
Thanks a lot, it's what I'm doing, but I have in Chrome DevTools this problem.
David Crow 20-Dec-18 16:27pm    
Using Android Studio, I debug apps on my phone all the time. It's no different than debugging an app on the emulator.

Now I don't use Cordova, so maybe that introduces a difference.

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