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I'm New to this programming stuff, but it is somehow interesting. So, I've been trying to add a content of church hymnal song to a list box on vb. Net and it is somehow difficult.
I want to make the list box have a search text box and a search button and then have a header that can be click and then load the content of the header in a list view.
The header am talking about, will consist of the first line of the song and if clicked it will load the content of the song in a list view.
Please, I need Vb. Net solved answers, couldn't get the tag I want.

If anyone could help me with a good programmer face book username, I will be very greatfull.

What I have tried:

I have tried to import the song but it is not working like I want it.
Updated 27-Dec-18 23:00pm
MadMyche 27-Dec-18 21:14pm    
OK, you want this in VB.Net yet you tagged this as C++....
What format are the songs in? Are they text files, or some audio format?
What code do you use to try the import?
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KarstenK 28-Dec-18 12:30pm    
Your idea of using a list box is a bit weired and not the best idea to a mewbie. Consider digging trough some tutorials. Some additional tips:

1 solution

See ListBox Class (System.Windows.Forms) | Microsoft Docs[^]. You can also use Google to find many articles on VB.NET.
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