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I have Textbox, TextArea and search button in my MVC view page

depends on the input entered by user from Textbox control I am making ajax call and appending data to the TextArea Control

I am Appending ID, firstname, lastname to the TextArea control in multiple lines(if I get 10 users I will arrange data in 10 lines)

Now If I click on firstline(firstuser) data, then it should display firstname,lastname of selected user in other textboxes how to make calls on dynamic generated text

What I have tried:

<div class="col-lg-4">
        <textarea readonly rows="15" cols="100" id="userDetails" style="resize: none;overflow:auto;color:gray" ></textarea>

$("#userDetails").click(function () {
            alert("clickedon textarea");

from above I am clicking on TextArea control, the event is firing, but I want to fire event on selected line
Updated 28-Dec-18 12:37pm

1 solution

Very interesting requirement. Let assume each lines are being separated by newline '\n', on textarea click, you can write something like below

1. Get the value in the textarea
2. Get the row number where the cursor landed on
3. Get the text from the selected row (t.value.split("\n")[rowNumber-1])

function getline()
    var t = $("#t")[0]; //1
    let rowNumber = t.value.substr(0, t.selectionStart).split("\n").length; //2

//do something with the selected line t.value.split("\n")[rowNumber-1]

Here is an example: CP_textarea - JSFiddle[^]

Tested on: Firefox

javascript - Getting Line Number In Text Area - Stack Overflow[^]
Divyay208 30-Dec-18 21:19pm
Great,Thank You So Much
Divyay208 2-Jan-19 15:16pm
can we highlight the selected line from the above on mouse click
Bryian Tan 2-Jan-19 16:17pm
You might have to use a plugin. Here is an example: jQuery highlightTextarea demo[^]

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