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private void CoursesLookUp() //2-Step Get Student List with there cities names from SQl Server

            GrdCourses.ItemsSource = CourseCollection;
            var con1 = new SqlConnection(Connectionstring);
            SqlCommand cmd1;
            cmd1 = new SqlCommand(Sql,con1);
            SqlDataAdapter da1;
            da1 = new SqlDataAdapter(cmd1);
            for (int i = 0; i < CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows.Count; i++)

                CourseCollection.Add(new Course()
                    CourseId = int.Parse(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][0].ToString()),
                    Year = CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][11].ToString(),
                    LevId = int.Parse(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][12].ToString()),
                    Levle = CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][13].ToString(),
                    SemId = int.Parse(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][9].ToString()),
                    Semester = CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][10].ToString(),
                    Price = Convert.ToDecimal(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][4].ToString()),
                    CurrencyId = int.Parse(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][5].ToString()),
                    Currency = CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][6].ToString(),
                    Rate = Convert.ToDecimal(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][7].ToString()),
                    Start = Convert.ToDateTime(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][1].ToString()).Date,
                    End = Convert.ToDateTime(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][2].ToString()).Date,
                    Hours = Convert.ToDecimal(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][3].ToString()),
                    Status = CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][8].ToString()


            GrdCourses.ItemsSource = CourseCollection;


What I have tried:

End = Convert.ToDateTime(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][2].ToString()).Date,

This return The date + time as
4/1/2019 12:00:00 AM

What i want like this
Updated 9-Jan-19 9:48am
[no name] 9-Jan-19 15:47pm    
Your code is unmaintainable.

You should be using table names, column names and row references.

1 solution

End = Convert.ToDateTime(CoursesDataSet.Tables[0].Rows[i][2].ToString()).ToShortDateString(),

The key to this solution is in the following snippet:
There are other ways to format the string too, but I think this is what you were looking for.
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Rabee3-F1.787545 9-Jan-19 16:51pm    
End is a DateTime i tried my best to keep it as DateTime but as you said i have to change it in the class to string

Thanks alot

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