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double x = 0.123f;
char s[50] = {0};
sprintf(s, "%lf",x);

but how to spintf "XPosition"+"0.123" ?

What I have tried:

sprintf(s, "%lf","XPositon"+x);
Updated 11-Jan-19 17:04pm

sprintf works just like printf, but outputs to a string, rather than stdout so
printf("Xposition %lf", x);
sprintf(s, "Xpostion %lf", x);

sprintf can produce buffer overflows, so better to use snprintf(), instead. e.g.
snprintf(s, 50, "Xposition %lf", x)
. More generally the signature for snprintf is
int snprintf(char *str, size_t size, const char *format, ...);

Note that snprintf() truncates output if it would exceed the designated size, but returns the number of chars it would have written if enough space was available this means you can

if( snprintf(s, 50, "Xpostion %lf" x) > 50) {
    // handle buffer overflow ...
Did you try something like:
sprintf(s, "XPositon%lf", x);

Just like with printf.

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