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In my web site I have the following code:

<div id="FileBrowserDiv" runat="server"  class="FileBrowserDiv" >
     <asp:Button ID="UpLoadFile" runat="server" Text="File Selection" CssClass="FileSelection" OnClick="fireFileClick()" />
     <asp:FileUpload ID="UpLoadButton" runat="server" cssclass="FakeButton"  />
	<script type="text/javascript">
	  function fireFileClick() {
            var objfile = document.getElementById("<%= UpLoadButton.ClientID %>");
            var objTextBox = document.getElementById("<%= UpLoadButton.ClientID %>");
            objTextBox.value = objfile.value;
      <div id ="filelabeldiv" runat="server" class="FileLabelDiv">
      <asp:Label ID="FileLabel"  runat="server"  CssClass="FileLabel" />
      <asp:Button ID="FileSave" runat="server" Text="Save File" CssClass="FileSave" />

And in my code behind I have a function:

Public Function UpLoadBtn_change()
		If IsPostBack Then
		If UpLoadButton.HasFile Then
		....Some code manipulating the Uploaded file....
			End If
		End If
	End Function

What I'm trying to do here is:
By clicking the
Button I want to trigger the
For this I'm running the
in Java script.
In `ie explorer` this situation it running well.
But in the other browsers its not work, when I'm trying to run the code behind function.
It is obviously that something is wrong on this code, but I can't figured where that mistake is placed.
And the reason for that is because I'm not a programmer in Java, in fact I don't have the special knowledge that I need.
Is there some one to assist me on this issue?

What I have tried:

What I discover until now is that:
When I push the first button
<asp:Button ID="UpLoadFile" runat="server" Text="File Selection" CssClass="FileSelection" OnClick="fireFileClick()" />

It triggers the script
var objfile = document.getElementById("<%= UpLoadButton.ClientID %>");

Which click the next (hidden) button. That action gives me the opportunity to select the proper file to upload.
That file assign (with the help of the second line of the script)
var objTextBox = document.getElementById("<%= UpLoadButton.ClientID %>");
            objTextBox.value = objfile.value;

Into the `fileupload` button (hidden). Thus this file it runs postback automatically and gives me the information I need.
IMPORTANT Be aware in the sequence of actions it is very important.
That happens ONLY in the `ie explorer`.
In the other browsers the post back action triggers before the `fileupload` button takes its value thus returns me the result of "No file selected".
And there is my problem.
What could be the solution on this?
Updated 16-Jan-19 11:51am
F-ES Sitecore 15-Jan-19 5:48am    
Your javascript isn't calling your code-behind UpLoadBtn_change method. All of your .net code runs first (so your UpLoadBtn_change method will run when the page is loaded) and the resulting html is sent to the client to process. javascript runs entirely in the browser so view the page source and you'll see;

alert(" ");

So your javascript is just showing an empty alert, it isn't running your server-side code. If you google for "asynch file upload" you'll probably find code that is similar to what you probably want to achieve.
Prifti Constantine 15-Jan-19 10:53am    
You can always use __DoPostBack("The Id of your control","TheEvent you want to Invoke")
For more information you can always check the documentation of the javascript __DoPostback . I Think this is your solution. For further information feel free to ask.
Lefteris Gkinis 15-Jan-19 12:27pm    
I've tried this in my script
let HFile = Boolean;
HFile = document.getElementById("<%=UpLoadButton.HasFile %>");
And the document.getElementById("<%=UpLoadButton.HasFile%>");
contains a value of `True`.
But that value isn't returned to the Boolean variable `HFile` instead it throws me a `null` value.
Why that happen?
Prifti Constantine 16-Jan-19 6:24am    
Firstly what you are doing is that youre trying to get the Element By ID but in the parameter youre passing something else... Since you know the Id of the element what you should do is:

var UploadElement = document.getElementById("<%= UpLoadButton.ClientID%>");
Now you have the element you want... If you want to get the value then all you have to do is :
var UploadValue = UploadElement.value;

1 solution

The OnClick event of the standard ASP.NET Button control is a server-side event - which means it triggers it causes your code to execute server-side code before your client-side code (JavaScript). To call an JavaScript function, you can use the OnClientClick event of the Button instead: Button.OnClientClick Property (System.Web.UI.WebControls) | Microsoft Docs[^]

With that being said, you would still need to rethink your approach. Mixing both server and client-side functionality will causes you pain. I would suggest you to do asynchronous call instead by making use of AJAX to communicate with your server-side methods. This way, you can have a full control on how you run the sequence of your logic.
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Lefteris Gkinis 17-Jan-19 5:08am    
@Vincent Maverick Durano I have already try this. But in any case the Java script runs excellent. and the <asp:Fileupload /> control takes place, opens the file browser which gives me the ability to select my file to upload.
But from this point starts my problems.
In the FileUpload button I use the OnChange event which caches the action. But I don't have any script to run a code behind public sub.
Even if I use a direct fireon (OnChange="UpLoadBtn()", it returns me the error of:
Unhandled exception at line 116, column 119 in http://localhost:50761/Pages/Production.aspx
0x800a1391 - JavaScript runtime error: 'UpLoadBtn' is undefined

UpLoadBtn is undefined and I conclude that there is my Issue.
I' thinking to Post another "Question" with this issue.
Thank you very much any way, you've being very helpful.

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