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How to implement repository pattern in core 2.1 visual studio 2017 with SQL server 2012 ?

i work on project work on repository pattern but i cannot implement it

1- How to define repository on controller Employee to call function GetAll on constructor?

meaning how to define repository on constructor of controller

2- what i write on startup to define these modules and connection ?

3- suppose i have compost key how to use getbyid suppose i have (Employeid,branchcode) as compost key ?

are compost key define as fluent api or annotation or what ?

please can you help me and give me details if possible

can any one answer me of this question please ?

What I have tried:

model Employee

public class Employee   
public int EmployeeId { get; set; }   
public int BranchCode { get; set; }   
public string EmployeeName { get; set; }   
public int EmployeeAge { get; set; }   
Repository public class RepositoryTab<T> : IrepositoryTab<T> where T : class   
protected TabDbContext db { get; set; }   
private DbSet<T> dbSet;  
 public RepositoryTab(TabDbContext Tabdb)   
 db = Tabdb;              
 dbSet = db.Set<T>();   
public IEnumerable<T> GetAll()   
 return dbSet.ToList();  
public interface IrepositoryTab<T> where T : class { IEnumerable<T> GetAll();        
T GetById(object Id);  
Updated 16-Jan-19 23:46pm

1 solution

1) You're thinking of "composite keys":

c# - Mapping composite keys using EF code first - Stack Overflow[^]

2) The "generics" (almost) never justify themselves.

Create "meaningful" statics like "GetCustomerByXxxx". (or something)

"GetAll()" implies no consideration for performance and should automatically flag in an employee's file.
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