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In Below table.....I want to perform addition operation in M1 and M2 columns through query.

1 10 20
2 20 NULL
3 NULL 50
4 40 70
5 50 NULL

Result table be like below.

1 30
2 20
3 50
4 110
5 50

Can anyone help with this.


What I have tried:

select EMP_ID, (M1+M2) AS TOTAL from table1;
Updated 22-Jan-19 1:41am
Santosh kumar Pithani 22-Jan-19 4:45am    
your query looks good;getting any error?If you found null type exception use like this "NVL(M1,0)+NVL(M2,0)"
Richard Deeming 22-Jan-19 7:19am    
That sounds like the answer to me. You should post it as a solution. :)
Member 14124697 22-Jan-19 7:19am    

Results looks good now with NVL command.

Can you describe me in below query why we used (Column_Name,0) for better understanding.

CHill60 22-Jan-19 7:32am    
The function NVL is saying if there is a null value in the column M1 then use 0 otherwise use the value found in the column. If we had used
instead then it would use 100 wherever there was a NULL otherwise it would use the value in column M1.
Does that help?
Member 14124697 22-Jan-19 7:36am    
Great.....understood clearly...

Thanks ur help every time

1 solution

--NVL(p1,p2) function has two parameters.If p1 is null then its take p2 AS values

--EX:-NVL(M1,0) means "M1" columns as null value then its take "0" instead of null values.

--In your query M1,M2 columns has null values so arithmetic operation is not possible so NVL function is used.

      ,(NVL(M1,0)+NVL(M2,0)) AS TOTAL
  FROM table1
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Member 14124697 22-Jan-19 7:43am    
Thanks santosh...

I got the answer
Santosh kumar Pithani 22-Jan-19 7:47am    
NVL(m1,0) takes only two parameters but coalesce(m1,m2,0) function work for more than two parameters.Give me stars

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