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I wanna know how to draw a rectangle on tablelayoutpanel in c# windows application. Although I use tablelayoutpanel.sendtoback(),it doesn't work. The rectangle is behind the tablelayoutpanel as usual.

private void tableLayoutPanel1_MouseClick(object sender, MouseEventArgs e)
            int row = 0;
            int verticalOffset = 0;
            Graphics surface = this.CreateGraphics();
            Pen p = new Pen(System.Drawing.Color.Turquoise,5);           
            foreach (int h in tableLayoutPanel1.GetRowHeights())
                int column = 0;

                int horizontalOffset = 0;

                foreach (int w in tableLayoutPanel1.GetColumnWidths())
                    Rectangle rectangle = new Rectangle(horizontalOffset, verticalOffset, w, h);
                    //surface.DrawRectangle(p, rectangle);
                    if (rectangle.Contains(e.Location))
                        surface.DrawRectangle(p, rectangle);
                        SolidBrush myBrush=new SolidBrush(Color.Pink);
                        surface.FillRectangle(myBrush, rectangle);
                        MessageBox.Show(String.Format("row {0}, column {1} was clicked", row, column));

                    horizontalOffset += w;
                verticalOffset += h;


Updated 14-Nov-10 22:12pm

Rectangle isn't a drawing control. It's just a class that holds a TopLeft point, a width and height, describing the dimensions of a Rectangle. It doesn't draw anything.

You also should NOT be calling this.CreateGraphics. All painting should be done in the Paint event for the control you're painting on.
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I wouldn't try to draw in the TLP itself. I'd drop a Panel control in the cell you want to draw, set it to Fill and draw on that.

Actually, I'd probably create my own drawing control that does what I need, inherited from Panel and drop that in a cell in the TLP.
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Htike Htike Aung 15-Nov-10 22:11pm    
Thanks.At first,we use panel.We are trying to use rectangle in tablelayoutpanel because we think using rectangle is lighter than the panel.That's why we want to change the design.

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