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I have a database with 6 fields, 2 of which are for decimal height and width, the other 4 for Imperial height and width (feet and Inches). The users populate the desired fields. When i'm reporting/displaying on screen I have the attached code to display neatly but not sure if its efficient. Any pointers would be gladly received. Thanks!

What I have tried:

replace(case dbo.Data.DataType when 'Imperial' then
                                    case CAST(dbo.Data.Feet  AS varchar) + 'Ft ' when '0Ft ' then '' else CAST(dbo.Data.Feet  AS varchar) + 'Ft ' end 
                                    + case CAST(dbo.Data.Inches AS varchar) + 'Ins x ' when '0.00Ins x ' then ' x ' else CAST(dbo.Data.Inches AS varchar) + 'Ins x ' end +
                                    case CAST(dbo.Data.FeetH  AS varchar) + 'Ft ' when '0Ft ' then '' else CAST(dbo.Data.FeetH  AS varchar) + 'Ft '  end 
                                    + case CAST(dbo.Data.InchesH AS varchar) + 'Ins' when '0.00Ins' then '' else CAST(dbo.Data.InchesH AS varchar) + 'Ins' end
                                    LTRIM(ISNULL(CAST(ROUND(dbo.Data.SizeW, 2) AS varchar), '')) + ' x ' + LTRIM(ISNULL(CAST(ROUND(dbo.Data.SizeH, 2) AS varchar), '')) + ' ' + dbo.Data.Unit 
                                    end, '.00','') AS Size
Updated 24-Jan-19 0:47am

SQL is not known for it's efficiency when dealing with string manipulations and comparisons.
I would seriously consider moving this block of functionality out of SQL and move into the calling application.
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Maybe these answers will be of help: efficiency of the SQL query[^]
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