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people, i m looking for a library i can use in application that can convert a sound file or a microphone feed to notes which i can represent digitally. for example to have someone whistle a tune, my application will transfer it to the library as a stream and the library will return an array of numbers or characters or any other workable format.
i know the technology to convert the stream into hz exists.
can anyone point me to a library, preferably an open source one, which i can use in a .net application


What I have tried:

i am still at the looking around phase, trying top find an existing solution or a guide on how to build one of my own:
grab audio input and serialize it into notes
Updated 29-Jan-19 6:19am
James Walsh Jr 29-Jan-19 13:00pm    
I'm guessing you haven't tried Google or any other search engine.
I tried 'convert audio input into musical notes' in Bing and received 48,500,000 results.
You haven't said what you've tried, what problems you've encountered or how you plan on capturing the input.
Please provide additional details to you question so people can help. We can't read minds over the Internet, or see the code in front of you.

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