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i am final year student of software engineering..
i am working on my final year project that is to Remote desktop access via android (teamviewer competitor).
I have no idea how to start.
plz guide me....

What I have tried:

i haven't tried anything yet. i am looking for some guidance.
please suggest something except these
Updated 31-Jan-19 22:42pm
Richard MacCutchan 1-Feb-19 4:27am
If you really do not know where to start on this project, then I would suggest it is not the best choice. Choose instead something that you understand and have a reasonable knowledge about. To be honest, remote desktop applications are quite complex in the backend control systems.
Member 14136767 5-Feb-19 2:25am
Sir this project is assigned by my teacher..
so i have to do this...
plz tell me how to establish connection between android and desktop for remote desktop access
Richard MacCutchan 5-Feb-19 3:48am
I find that hard to believe. Such a project is far beyond the skills of someone in school (and you can tell that to your teacher). First off, you need a client on the desktop system that can capture all the windows that are visible on screen, in real time, and send the information to the Android client. You then need an app on the Android that can display the information received from the remote system and show it on the Android screen. It also needs to capture gestures, convert them into mouse messages, and send them to the desktop. The desktop client then needs to capture these messages, convert them into real windows WM messages and send them to the correct Window application. Professional organisations like TeamViewer, VNC etc. have spent many man years developing such software. The chances of you managing it in your final year are extremely unlikely.
Member 14136767 5-Feb-19 3:56am
Thank you sir..
But i will develop desktop application and android app and the initial function will be only to get desktop screen on my phone and controlling it from my phone..
Do guide me how is this possible?
Richard MacCutchan 5-Feb-19 4:02am
I just explained how it is possible. Now it is up to you to apply your knowledge and start designing your application.
Member 14136767 5-Feb-19 4:38am
Sir is this possible with web socket programming
Richard MacCutchan 5-Feb-19 5:15am
How else would you communicate between the two systems?
Member 14136767 11-Feb-19 7:06am
thank you so much sir,,,
sir can you tell me on which softwares should i work
Richard MacCutchan 11-Feb-19 7:26am
Start by studying web sockets.

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You could try an open source project like VNC, and adapt that to your needs: Download VNC® Open - RealVNC®[^]

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