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I'm writing native c programs since 30 years, but now I have the task by my boss to improve the existing programs with a ribbon menu without writing all programs new in c++ or c#.
I was guided perfect by the program "Windows Ribbon Framework in Win32 C Application" from Stephen Wiria from the year 2010 (thanks a lot for this great program!) and all lools very good with one exception:
I'm not able to set the global background color of the ribbon using "UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor".
I'm abolute not familar with C++ and all my attemps to translate an example c++ code to pure c to set the backgrouind color of a ribbon failed.
Has somebody a short solution for me?
Thank you so much.

What I have tried:

HRESULT STDMETHODCALLTYPE OnCreateUICommand(IUIApplication *This, UINT32 commandId, UI_COMMANDTYPE typeID, IUICommandHandler **commandHandler)
	VOID *ppvObj = NULL;
	/* allocate pApplication */
	// Command-Handler für das Abfragen der Command-Ids
	pCommandHandler = (IUICommandHandler *)GlobalAlloc(GMEM_FIXED, sizeof(IUICommandHandler));
	(IUICommandHandlerVtbl *)pCommandHandler->lpVtbl = &myCommand_Vtbl;
	hr = pCommandHandler->lpVtbl->QueryInterface(pCommandHandler, &IID_IUICommandHandler, (void**)commandHandler);

	// Property-Handler
	pPropertyStore = (IPropertyStore *)GlobalAlloc(GMEM_FIXED, sizeof(IPropertyStore));
	(IPropertyStoreVtbl*)pPropertyStore->lpVtbl = &myPropertyStore_Vtbl;

	pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->QueryInterface(pPropertyStore, &IID_IUIPropertyHandler, &ppvObj);


	UI_HSBCOLOR BackgroundColor = UI_HSB(0xFF, 0xFF, 0x00);

	PropVariantInit (&pv);

	pv.vt = VT_UI4;
	pv.lVal = BackgroundColor;
	hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->SetValue(pPropertyStore, &UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor, &pv);
	hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->Commit(pPropertyStore);
	return hr;

Updated 25-Jan-21 1:55am
KarstenK 4-Feb-19 13:19pm
You should provide the whole error message. Best is that you google for its keywords :-O
Member 13518242 5-Feb-19 6:18am
Hi Karsten,

thank you for your replay.
The problem is, that I get no error message, but the background color remains unchanged in its old status.

I think, in c++ it is very easy to change the color and I need a function like this:

CComPtr<ipropertystore> spPropertyStore;

// _spFramework is a pointer to the IUIFramework interface that is assigned
// when the Ribbon is initialized.
if (SUCCEEDED(_spFramework->QueryInterface(&spPropertyStore)))
PROPVARIANT propvarBackground;
PROPVARIANT propvarHighlight;
PROPVARIANT propvarText;

// UI_HSBCOLOR is a type defined in UIRibbon.h that is composed of
// three component values: hue, saturation and brightness, respectively.
UI_HSBCOLOR BackgroundColor = UI_HSB(0x14, 0x38, 0x54);
UI_HSBCOLOR HighlightColor = UI_HSB(0x00, 0x36, 0x87);
UI_HSBCOLOR TextColor = UI_HSB(0x2B, 0xD6, 0x00);

InitPropVariantFromUInt32(BackgroundColor, &propvarBackground);
InitPropVariantFromUInt32(HighlightColor, &propvarHighlight);
InitPropVariantFromUInt32(TextColor, &propvarText);

spPropertyStore->SetValue(UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor, propvarBackground);
spPropertyStore->SetValue(UI_PKEY_GlobalTextColor, propvarText);


But in pure c I can not find a similar function as "InitPropVariantFromUInt32".

May be that this would solve the problem.
Google did not help :-(.

Thank you again and best regards.

Not shure if this will help:
Member 13518242 4-Mar-19 6:02am
Thank you merano99. This is helpfull, but still I have the problem to create a PropertyHandler in pure c that works. I tried the solution below, but the backgroundclor vremain unchanged. Nevertheless thank you.
IPropertyStoreCache *ppvObj_propertystore = NULL;
PROPVARIANT    pvBackgroundColor;

UI_HSBCOLOR BackgroundColor = UI_HSB(0xFF, 0xFF, 0x54);

hr = CoCreateInstance(&CLSID_InMemoryPropertyStore, NULL, CLSCTX_INPROC_SERVER, &IID_IPropertyStoreCache, (void**)&ppvObj_propertystore);

hr = ppvObj_propertystore->lpVtbl->Release(ppvObj_propertystore);

hr = ppvObj_propertystore->lpVtbl->QueryInterface(ppvObj_propertystore, &IID_IPropertyStoreCache, &ppvObj_propertystore);

PropVariantInit (&pvBackgroundColor);
hr = InitPropVariantFromUInt32(BackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColor);

hr = InitPropVariantFromUInt32(BackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColorIn);

hr = ppvObj_propertystore->lpVtbl->GetValue(ppvObj_propertystore, &UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColorIn);

PropVariantToUInt32(&pvBackgroundColorIn, &uErgebnis);

hr = ppvObj_propertystore->lpVtbl->SetValue(ppvObj_propertystore,  
        &UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColor);
hr = ppvObj_propertystore->lpVtbl->Commit(ppvObj_propertystore);
Member 13518242 25-Mar-19 3:22am
In the meantime I found the solution by myself.
May be that someone needs the solution. Here it is:

// Property-Handler
pPropertyStore = (IPropertyStore *) GlobalAlloc(GMEM_FIXED, sizeof(IPropertyStore));

(IPropertyStoreVtbl*)pPropertyStore->lpVtbl = &myPropertyStore_Vtbl;

hr = g_pFramework->lpVtbl->QueryInterface(g_pFramework, &IID_IPropertyStore, &pPropertyStore);

InitPropVariantFromUInt32(BackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColor);
InitPropVariantFromUInt32(TextColor, &pvTextColor);

hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->SetValue(pPropertyStore, &UI_PKEY_GlobalBackgroundColor, &pvBackgroundColor);
hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->SetValue(pPropertyStore, &UI_PKEY_GlobalTextColor, &pvTextColor);

hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->Commit(pPropertyStore);
hr = pPropertyStore->lpVtbl->Release(pPropertyStore);
Member 14340223 25-Jan-21 9:09am
Hi thank you for your input, I would like to know how did you implement the commandhandler I have a problem with that

best regards

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