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I had attended interviews recently and i used to tell that i have sound knowlede on angular

Interviewer asked me that Do you know typescript?
I have got confused whether i know or not
My doubt is
How Typescript is related to Angular?
Could i tell that i know typescript if i know angular?

Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

I have tried in google search but i did not convince with google answers
Updated 20-Feb-19 23:17pm

First of all you should understand what TypeScript is.
TypeScript vs. JavaScript – Hacker Noon[^] gives a good explanation.

You could also search with Google for e.g. Typescript vs Javascript.

TypeScript is a superset of Javascript which is strongly typed as the name TypeScript suggests.

A web browser does not know about TypeScript and can only understand JavaScript.
When deploying TypeScript is transpiled to JavaScript.

Angular apps itself can also be developed with only JavaScript.
But it is recommended to use TypeScript as the tutorials show.
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What you used to work in Angular, Javascript or Typescript?

I have been working in Angular from last 2yrs, I have used Typescript, reason being Typescript follows OOPS concept(which makes it easy to use).
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