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My Input String :
"message(hello) {message= msg.hello;}xyz('Text1','Text2', Text3);asdgfd main.send(msg);"



I need to match "xyz('Text1','Text2', Text3)" from the above string and need to get each word separated by a comma(,) within the bracket. Can anyone give the proper regex to do this?

What I have tried:

I have tried but cannot able to get that separated values properly
Updated 21-Feb-19 6:32am
Richard Deeming 22-Feb-19 11:28am
It sounds like you're trying to parse some code to an Abstract Syntax Tree[^]. Regular expressions are not a good solution to do that.

To be honest with you, I'd do it with two regexes: the first to extract the comma separated values, which is pretty trivial:

Then either Split the string on commas, or parse it with a second, simple regex:
Wich gives you each element in a separate Match.

That way, laters changes are a whole load easier to work out - complex regexes are hard to read and even harder to modify!
Piraisudan 21-Feb-19 14:05pm
Hi... Thanks for your answer...

Small Update, My text should be like this...
"message(hello) {message= msg.hello;}xyz('Text1','Text2', Text3());asdgfd main.send(msg);"

Your first regex matches until "'Text1','Text2', Text3(" only. Can u please provide the solution to match what I need.

Also I modified like this "(?<=cmdSubmit\().+?[^()](?=\))" but it gives exception like "regex_error(error_syntax)" in c++ std library
Non-regex solution, not elegant, but...

string s = "message(hello) {message= msg.hello;}xyz('Text1','Text2', Text3);asdgfd main.send(msg);";

var parts = s.Split(new string[]{"xyz(", ");"}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries)
	.SelectMany(x=>x.Split(new string[]{","}, StringSplitOptions.RemoveEmptyEntries))
I need to match "xyz('Text1','Text2', Text3)" from the above string

When doing RegEx, it is a good idea to show a few examples to highlight the parts that are fixed and the parts that are variables.

Just a few interesting links to help building and debugging RegEx.
Here is a link to RegEx documentation:
perlre -[^]
Here is links to tools to help build RegEx and debug them:
.NET Regex Tester - Regex Storm[^]
Expresso Regular Expression Tool[^]
RegExr: Learn, Build, & Test RegEx[^]
Online regex tester and debugger: PHP, PCRE, Python, Golang and JavaScript[^]
This one show you the RegEx as a nice graph which is really helpful to understand what is doing a RegEx:
Debuggex: Online visual regex tester. JavaScript, Python, and PCRE.[^]
This site also show the Regex in a nice graph but can't test what match the RegEx:

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