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I have created web page on ASP.NET
Now what i have done on ASP.NET web page is just basic calculator tool
Let's say Add and subtract values
Now What i want is when user says apply this values with any number then it suppose to apply those values in main application which is desktop based application ( MFC application) my calculator is not basic calculator, it's nuclear calculator with weird terms so if my user wants to change some values in main calculator which is stored on some machine(In Canada) , then user should be able to change that values from anywhere(FRANCE) using that web-based application page so first of all using connect IP, i will have to connect web based page to specific IP address( which i can do it ) and then i will have to get handle of that application which is stored in machine ( anywhere) and also change values in that machine( Like Apply this values )
I Hope you understand my question..

Cheers and regards

Your explanation isn't very clear at all, so I'm just going to guess. If you're trying to change the values of a windows forms application from a web application, you can't. The windows application has to expose some interface that your IIS server can call in order to change those values.
mohit`12 17-Nov-10 9:29am
What I was thinking is something like remote desktop but without showing anything in webpage you connect to other machine using Ip address and get desktop of that and then run the application i want to run in that machine and then i should be able to update values in that application if anything is changed on web page :P

Your idea is anything but a web-based app. The web-based app cannot show a remote desktop without writing a custom component either in pure C++ (ActiveX component) or in Silverlight. This component would then just be launched by a web-page and be entirely on it's own to connect to the remote machine and do a remote desktop that way.

THe problem with that your web-based app will only work on Windows machines running Internet Explorer. So much for platform independance and security would be a big issue with this arrangement.

It sounds like you have to rewrite the caluclator application to support a more robust interface that supports remoting instead of slapping a pseudo-web interface over the top of it.
mohit`12 18-Nov-10 10:09am
thanks i like your idea about rewriting calculator application which supports remoting , now what i am thinking is that i will let my calculator application that connect to this ip address and give controls to that machine to change your settings or something similar like that, well not an easy task but i could start something on it:D

Thanks a lot again,

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