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I have an active directory in my server(Window server 2003) with domain name "". I have another system which is in LAN with the Server, in which I am developing a web application(using C#). I have to fill up a drop-down in my application with the domain list that is present on the server. I am new for working on server OS, and LDAP and Active Directory. Can anyone please help me how I can do this?

Thanks in advance.

1 solution

Assuming your server is already in the domain, you can use:
List<string> controllers = new List<string>();
Domain domain = Domain.GetCurrentDomain();
foreach (DomainController dc in domain.DomainControllers)
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Hiren solanki 17-Nov-10 7:28am    
Good answer, Pete.
bedathur_ganesh 17-Nov-10 7:31am    
Thanks for the help. But, I am not executing the application on server. I am executing it in another system. How can I connect to server from my system to get the domain names?
Pete O'Hanlon 17-Nov-10 7:34am    
Is that other server running in the same domain? If so, the logic still applies.
bedathur_ganesh 17-Nov-10 7:44am    
No, it is not in the same domain. When use your piece of code I am getting an exception saying "Current security context is not associated with an Active Directory domain or forest."
bedathur_ganesh 17-Nov-10 7:46am    
For this, I guess I have to first connect to the server using "LDAP://" kind of a url. But, I am not sure how to connect to the server. Can you please help me?

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