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I want to get the path and version of all driver that is installed in my System.

Thanks in advance.
Henry Minute 18-Nov-10 9:07am    
Following your comment.

If you had put all that information in your original question, then whoever down-voted it, might not have done so.

So why not edit your question, put in what you have tried, ask if there is any way to get a path from the results of GetDeviceDriverFileName or the other method you mention, or is there a better way.

In other words, ask a proper question giving full information and perhaps your question would not have been down voted.

I do not know if it will lead to a solution to your problem but if I had to do this, I would start by looking at the WMI API. Have you looked at that? It has all sorts of useful stuff for System information.

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Then you should do so.

What have you tried so far?

For example, have you tried an internet search engine?
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ShilpiP 18-Nov-10 8:59am    
For your kind information without using it i am not put the question here ...
I tried it and get the path using API GetDeviceDriverFileName. but it gives the registered image name not full path of Driver on XP and i also try to implement SetupDiGetDeviceRegistryProperty but fail.
BTW why you downvote me ...

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