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I need to retreive images from ms-access database and store them in a temporary folder.

Is it possible?

Please can any one help me?

Thanks in advance
Updated 19-Nov-10 23:55pm
Dalek Dave 20-Nov-10 5:55am    
Edited for Grammar and Spelling.
Brij 20-Nov-10 6:01am    
in which format your image is stored in db?
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Nov-10 6:16am    
This seems to be a re - repost:

If you have additions to make to your questions please edit them and don't post them as another question.

Hi Tulasiram!

I found this interesting link:

The site has a link to a downloadable project file. You should check that out as it seems to do exactly what you're looking for.


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Dalek Dave 20-Nov-10 6:40am    
whats odd is I get answer accepted and a 1 vote! wtf? :)
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Nov-10 6:50am    
That wasn't me, I had a similar thing happen to me before. The answer was accepted but the vote was one. Go figure. Then again I got a couple of accepted answers with not vote at all. (You can have a five from me, if that makes your day a little brighter ;) )
See here[^].
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Nov-10 6:14am    
Hi Abinav, looks like I beat you by only two minutes ;) .
Abhinav S 20-Nov-10 11:03am    
You'll get it next time :).
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 21-Nov-10 17:40pm    
What I find a little strange is, I posted first and linked to the very same page as you, yet I didn't get a 5 vote. Whoever is doing this kind of crap?
Abhinav S 22-Nov-10 0:41am    
The best I can do is give you my 5 vote.
First, create you folder...
private string GetTempDirectory()
    string path = Path.GetRandomFileName();
    Path.Combine(Path.GetTempPath(), path);
    return path;

This will create the directory, but not a file to go in.
You save copies of the images to this directory.

Once finished with them, then delete the directory.


Hope that helps.
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Manfred Rudolf Bihy 20-Nov-10 6:15am    
Thanks Dave, for helping him with the temporary folder stuff. Why didn't I think of that ;) ?
Tarun.K.S 20-Nov-10 13:10pm    
Nice answer! Take a 5!

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