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How can I enable pagination in a html table in yui(yahoo user interface)? This table takes data from a sql database. I have attached the code for creating the table here.

Kindly reply asap. :confused::confused:
SqlConnection cnn = new SqlConnection("Server=.;Initial Catalog = AdventureWorksDW;Integrated Security =True");
string qry = "SELECT top 100 [fldname1],[fldname2],[fldname3],[fldname4],[fldname5],[fldname6] FROM [Customer]";
SqlCommand cmd = new SqlCommand(qry, cnn);
SqlDataReader myReader = cmd.ExecuteReader(CommandBehavior.CloseConnection);
string strTable = "<table class='datatable'>";
strTable += "<thead>";
strTable += "<tr><th id='customerkey'>CustomerKey</th><th ><a href='javascript:display(this,\"firstname\")'>FirstName</a></th><th id='lastname'>Lastname</th><th  id='BirthDate'>DOB</th><th id='MaritalStatus'>Marital Status</th><th id='EmailAddress'>Email</th></tr>";
strTable += "</thead>";
strTable += "<tbody>";
while (myReader.Read())
  strTable += "<tr><td>" + myReader[0].ToString() + "</td><td>" + myReader[1].ToString() + "</td><td>" + myReader[2].ToString() + "</td><td>" + myReader[3].ToString() + "</td><td>" + myReader[4].ToString() + "</td><td>" + myReader[5].ToString() + "</td></tr>";
strTable += "</tbody></table>";
Updated 21-Nov-10 21:16pm
JF2015 22-Nov-10 3:06am
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thanks for the reply...i gt it to work using YAHOO USER INTERFACE and javascript.Actually i had to use just the html table and not the gridview or the listview.

Manu. :) :-D


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