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I want to create an application for airlines booking but I can't find any books about connecting my application to a database. Do you know of any books or materials about this?

The application is for windows mobile 6 and I just need an example on how the connection between the database and the application is done, or a book about this. I mention that I use sql manager studio 2008 for the database and visual studio 2008 sp1 for aplication development. Your help will be very appriciated.

Thanks for your time,

yours Benn Adams
Updated 22-Nov-10 9:32am
[no name] 22-Nov-10 10:20am    
In the entire vastness of the internet you have not been able to find any resource covering Windows Mobile 6 and Databases ???
fjdiewornncalwe 22-Nov-10 16:37pm    
What is this internet thing you speak of... Besides, there MUST be some sucker here who will simply send him a solution, right??? (Insert severe sarcasm smiley)
b33n_s 23-Nov-10 1:39am    
i don't know how to search, maybe that's why i can't find anything....i don't need a solution, only a sucker wil believe that i asked for that...i just need ideeas and i say again: BOOKS or EXAMPLES on how is done something simillar, if that is possible..

i want to learn by my self, not to get an appplication already made..

1 solution

Your best bet for a Windows Mobile application is not to connect to a database directly but to instead connect to a web service (which connects to the database on the backend).
I'll leave security and authentication for you to sort it out.
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b33n_s 23-Nov-10 1:41am    
but i think it will be more work to create firstly a Web service and its database...
thanks very much for your ideea..i will think about it..meantime if you know a book about this it will be a very good help...

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