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Greetings All,

I have a simple question that I hope someone can help me with.

I have created a Windows app in C# and applied a App.Config to the project. I then published the app so that I could load the program on other PC's. There must be something I am missing with the Publishing because I cannot find the App.Config file on the other PC so that I can make changes to it which would be particular to the PC.
Additionally, I cannot find the actual .exe file on the system. However, the program is there (under "Start....Programs") but I cannot seem to find it.

If anyone could point me in the right direction, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your time and patience with my query.

Be well
Toli Cuturicu 23-Nov-10 10:41am    
No fake answers anymore, ok?

It's going to be installed under the users folder, something like c:\users\[username]\appdata\

These are a hidden set of folders in your users directory. If you create a setup program for it you can get it in the program files area. Clickonce deployments always go to users though.
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The config file should be in the currently logged-in user's Application Data folder. This is a hidden folder, and you have to be an admin to change that. It would be better to add functionality in the program to make the settings changes via the application.

When you say you "published" the app, does that mean the user ran an installer?
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