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Hi developer
I am load a csv file in dataset and show them in datagridveiw .
I know dataset split comma values automaticaly and show result in datagridview . but my problem is
My some csv file values are seprated with ";" and some csv file values seprated with "," and I want a to replace wild card also from my csv file. so I m taken this code from I think i am not write a code correctly
please solve my problem.
public static DataSet Convert(string filename,string TableName, string delimiter)
    //The DataSet to Return
    DataSet result = new DataSet();

    //Open the file in a stream reader.
    StreamReader s = new StreamReader(filename);

    //Split the first line into the columns
    string[] columns = s.ReadLine().Split(delimiter.ToCharArray());

    //Add the new DataTable to the RecordSet

    //Cycle the colums, adding those that don't exist yet
    //and sequencing the one that do.
    foreach (string col in columns)
        bool added = false;
        string next = "";
        int i = 0;
        while (!added)
            //Build the column name and remove any unwanted characters.
            string columnname = col + next;
            //columnname = columnname.Replace("#", "");
            //columnname = columnname.Replace("'", "");
            columnname = columnname.Replace("/", ",");

            //See if the column already exists
            if (!result.Tables[TableName].Columns.Contains(columnname))
                //if it doesn't then we add it here and mark it as added
                added = true;
                //if it did exist then we increment the sequencer and try again.
                next = "_" + i.ToString();

    //Read the rest of the data in the file.
    string AllData = s.ReadToEnd();

    //Split off each row at the Carriage Return/Line Feed
    //Default line ending in most windows exports.
    //You may have to edit this to match your particular file.
    //This will work for Excel, Access, etc. default exports.
    string[] rows = AllData.Split("\r\n".ToCharArray());

    //Now add each row to the DataSet
    foreach (string r in rows)
        //Split the row at the delimiter.
        string[] items = r.Split(delimiter.ToCharArray());

        //Add the item

    //Return the imported data.
    return result;


public void Browse_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        DialogResult RESULT = this.OpenFileDialogbox.ShowDialog();
        if (RESULT == DialogResult.OK)
            string filename = OpenFileDialogbox.FileName;
            Locations.Text = filename;
            MessageBox.Show("Dear User Please select Path");


        DataSet dataset = Form1.Convert(Locations.Text);
       Datagidveiw1.DataSource = dataset.Tables[0].DefaultView;
    catch (System.Exception ex)


when I m write a code
DataSet dataset = Form1.Convert(Locations.Text);
location text can not be accpet by convert method and how its load in datagridview ?

please solve my problem
Updated 24-Nov-10 0:18am
JF2015 24-Nov-10 5:03am    
Edited to correct code formatting.
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 24-Nov-10 5:06am    
That's strange how could we both have this open for editing? I thought that is not possible?

1 solution


Please follow steps:

1. Open .CSV file with programatically
2. Follow one standard (either you can set delimiter by ; or ,) and modify file accordingly
3. Save .CSV file (with only one delimiter)
4. Load in DataSet

Please do let me know, if you have any doubt.

Please provide "Vote":thumbsup: if this would be helpful, and make "Accept Answer" if this would be correct answer.:rose:

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hance_micle 1-Dec-10 6:21am    
This is repeated Question and Answer?

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