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Hi Guys,

can anyone help me with this?

I have certain data coming from Database(sql 2005) and using the WCF Services I need to write some methods to show that data what I need in Excel sheets by creating them

Can any of you guys please explain me how this can be done?
I am a beginner so please try to be as specific as possible if you can.
Updated 24-Nov-10 5:44am
JF2015 24-Nov-10 10:45am
Ok, if you want us to be specific in answering you we could at least wish you to also be specific in asking: "certain data" ... "some methods"!
Gautham Gorla 24-Nov-10 11:11am
I really dint mean that but let me say what I have I have a storedprocedure I need to invoke that stored procedure in WCF and then display that rows in my Excel sheets..
ARopo 24-Nov-10 11:50am
It is not clear where WCF fits into this, Do you want to get rows from a database, send them over some network/internet then display the results in excel? Or just get rows from a database and display them in excel?

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you dont' want to invoke a sp. you just want to execute it.
by means of a data layer or linq.

when you have the data in the app. you'll need to research "writing data to excel using c#" - there's 2 ways - 1 with a dependency that office needs to be installed where your app will be running - the other is a dll that gets distributed.

Anyways - your DataTable - you'll have to loop through each cell / row / column to build the content you want into the excel worksheet.

It is possible to "append" a worksheet to a existing document.

Otherwise - read the specific "worksheet" onto your app.
append your data where possible in the DataTable - add the new worksheet to the excel document - remove the previous worksheet - rename your new worksheet to the previous.
- Might be risky as other worksheets might have references to this old worksheet. But doable.

Make sure that you close the excel document in your error handler - Otherwise you need to use the task manager to kill it.

Also, avoid excel 2003 or less API's - you have a 65K limit per worksheet.


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