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Hey all

I am a newbie to code and all this stuff but super interested in doing some coding or programming.
the biggest question is WHERE DO I START??? :confused:

Please let me know so i can start!

The best start into programming is reading good books and trying out some small examples. As always the first thing in programming you should start with a simple "Hello World" application and build up from there.

At first you should decide what you really want to do:
- Linux or windows?
- embedded systems, web development?
- Graphical user interface or console?

Only then you can try to find a book that suits your needs. As first I would start with something simple - .NET is quite nice and not very hard to learn. I always wanted at least a bit of modern user interface since console programming always seemed to me to be a bit "outdated".

Try to find a simple project - a calculator or something of that kind. This should get you started and increase your interest!

Good Luck!
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Code Teen 25-Nov-10 9:19am    
Thank you but can you be more specific on "good books"?
Which application program do i use?
Any tips?
Dalek Dave 26-Nov-10 3:41am    
Good call
You can start with c language( As i started)
(refer Let us C. if you decide to go with c)
Or you can start using .net to develope simple application like Displaying textbox content to label.
calculating sum of two numbers from textbox and displaying on label.
You can simply google for the best tutorials.
You can use black book to start from

Hope i helped you..
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Dalek Dave 26-Nov-10 3:40am    
Good answer.
The best way to start with your coding is:

go with the example from the books and try to understand the clear concepts.

For Ex: : Hello world" example which shwetha said start with that and also just read the books which is available in online also and you can find lot of articles here in CP itself.
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Dalek Dave 26-Nov-10 3:40am    
Encouragement needed!
First, go to the microsoft website and download a language of your choice.
See Here[^].

Either VB or C#.

Learn .Net as that is the current standard, and the one that is the most employable at the moment.

These come with a course of lessons, so follow them and pick up the basics.

Then come back to this site when you run into problems, which you will, and you will find people here only too willing to help.

Best of luck, and enjoy, there is much to learn and it is an interesting journey.
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Sebastien T. 26-Nov-10 4:38am    
You have also, good tutorial on the MSDN (C#: and VB

Good luck !!

As you specify in your question that you are a newone in this field,
So i suggest you to go with .NET as it is not very hard to understand but also provide facilities to build different type of applications..

With the help of .NET you can create :

Console Based or Command Based Applications.
Window Based or Graphical Based Applications
Web Applications
Web Services...

Just go through it and start with small applications....

Hope I helped You.

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Thank you to all the responses.
The answers are vague - Give me some book names PLEASE!!

I keep reading about this hello world example - where do igo to find it (EXACTLY)?
Thank you again:cool:
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Code Teen 26-Nov-10 3:51am    
Thank you - i will start there!!
Sebastien T. 26-Nov-10 4:58am    
For the hello world, you have a good example on MSDn (
Get vision studio and msdn. credit your self for doing small thing like messageboxes (window) or display text on a page from a control(web). You will gain confident.

Create a new web project, your hello world will come, change it to hello "Your name" and show it to non developer, they will be impressed, so you. step by step, read, read and keep reading. Get articles and download projects on this side... avoid using codes you dont understand... if you dont get it even if it's doing what you want, dont use it.
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Dalek Dave 26-Nov-10 4:35am    
Removed code block, looks awful on non-code answers.
begin from C program language

then you can choose unix flushbonading
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