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I have Restful Api Get Method, I am consuming this service and getting wast data but it has limit per each request

For each request I can get only 500 records, Now I want to get all the records from the rest service and need to save it in database

What I have tried:

I tried to get all the records from the service

 RestClient Client = new RestClient(URL);
var request = new RestRequest("items", Method.GET);
                request.AddParameter("api_key", SystemToken);
                request.AddParameter("StateName", StateDetails);
 IRestResponse<RootObject> response = Client.Execute<RootObject>(request);
return response.content;

Here In response I can see the count as 10000 records but for each request It displaying only first 500 records
Updated 28-Mar-19 14:10pm

1 solution

Read 500 ... then the NEXT 500 ... using a key greater than the LAST key (assuming they are in some order)
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Divyay208 29-Mar-19 9:40am    
Key wont get change the same key I need to pass for all the requests, here I am getting count only so based on count how can i repeat the requests
Divyay208 29-Mar-19 10:24am    
int count = response.count;
int page_size = 10;
int loop = count /page_size;
for (int page = 1; page <= loop; page++)
RootObject restrequest= await ExecuteAsync<rootobject>(State, page_size,page);


In this way I am looping and sending requests but the max pages of rest api is 100 so I am getting first 1000 records only and each request(limit of api is 10) I am getting 10 records

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