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I am working with Office 2007. I want to build an e-learning tool that will help users in understanding Outlook Express 2007.

I have an issue on how to provide an environment for Outlook 2007 where the user can understand the actual tools and settings available. I can open MS Outlook but it will ask me for authentication. I want a dummy environment for the same.

Microsoft.Win32.RegistryKey key =
            Microsoft.Win32.Registry.LocalMachine.OpenSubKey(" Software\\microsoft\\windows\\currentversion\\app paths\\OUTLOOK.EXE");
            //string path = (string)key.GetValue("Path");
            //if( path != null)
            MessageBox.Show("There is no Outlook in this computer!", "SystemError", MessageBoxButtons.OK, MessageBoxIcon.Exclamation);

How can I provide a dummy environment so users can work on the same.
Thanks & Regards
Balkrishna Raut
Updated 30-Nov-10 1:17am
Dave Kreskowiak 1-Dec-10 7:49am
Outlook asks for username and password not to get into Outlook but to get into the mail server you mail accounts setup for. You can use any username and password you want with YOUR SMTP server. If the user already has accounts setup, there's nothing you can do about getting around the username/password box for those accounts.

1 solution

A dummy envionment? You'd have to implement your own SMTP server and setup Outlook to use it.
meBalkrishna 1-Dec-10 0:30am
when i start outlook it will ask me for authentication. I want to access all tools available in outlook with some dummy user name & password. so it means it will go for actual authentication & configure outlook to the specific user name temporary.

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