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Hi All,

I am using data filter from DataTable using Select method.In my case Column Header have a special character so in filter section comes error.

Here is my Code...

In this case its working fine..
string sCondition = string.Format("[{0}] = '{1}'", "Country Name", "India");
DataRow[ ] dr = dtData.Select(sCondition);

Problem is occured in this case...
string sCondition = string.Format("[{0}] = '{1}'", "Unit [in Cr]", "INR");
DataRow[ ] dr = dtData.Select(sCondition);

In this case Column Name have brace '[ ] ' so my filter condition is not working..
Exception thrown: "Cannot interpret token ']' at position 11"
Please any one suggest me how to filter this type of column using Select method.

Advance Thanks.... :(
Updated 30-Nov-10 1:55am
Hiren solanki 30-Nov-10 8:31am    
you need to rename a column name to overcome this.
T.Saravanann 30-Nov-10 8:58am    
is not possible because column name come from database so can not rename the column..but i found the solution.. see below answer..

1 solution

Hi All,

Thanks Friends...

Now i am found out the solution..
Just add a slash ("\") in near to closing brace...

string sCondition = string.Format("[{0}] = '{1}'", "Unit [in Cr\]", "INR");
DataRow[ ] dr = dtData.Select(sCondition);

Reference Link:

Cheers :)
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Toli Cuturicu 30-Nov-10 11:20am    
Yes, this is called an escape sequence. I really thought Hiren Solanki knew that!

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