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Iam using ASP.NET 3.5. I want to read emails from MS outlook. I found this link which is very useful.[^]

I have two issues.

1. Outlook's security access pops up a window asking for access. What do I need to configure & where to by-pass this window. The application will run as a web service automatically from a server and therefore this window wont look good.

2. The code I found allows me to access the default outlook account on my pc. What code do I write to access another email account. In other words, how do I pass the user account credentials to the outlook DLL that I am referring to.

Many thanks!
Updated 2-Dec-10 12:18pm
Dalek Dave 2-Dec-10 18:19pm    
Minor Edit for Grammar.

Outlook Interop dll has a recipient class where the email address of the user can be added.  Below is the code

<code>  Outlook.Application outlook = new Outlook.ApplicationClass();
        Outlook.NameSpace ns = outlook.GetNamespace("Mapi");
        object _missing = Type.Missing;
        ns.Logon(_missing, _missing, false, false);
        Outlook.Recipient recipient = (Outlook.Recipient)   
        ns.CreateRecipient("email address");
        Outlook.MAPIFolder inbox = ns.GetSharedDefaultFolder
        int unread = inbox.UnReadItemCount;
        foreach (Outlook.MailItem mail in inbox.Items)
            string s = mail.Subject;
            string body = mail.Body;
        }        </code>

The code straight away accesses the emails. I think the domain user account, where the code runs, has to be an administrator account.
The permissions still keep coming. Iam currenly looking at the anti-virus programme to see anything can be configured here.</br></br>
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I downloaded a dll from below website to overcome Outlook's security access issue.[^]
(under Advanced Security for Outlook)

I did not have to add the DLL to the ASP.NET project. I re-started my pc after the download.

The first time the application accessed outlook, I received a popup asking me to set security permission for the application accessing outlook. Once I set this up wth the correct option, Outlook's popup message never appeared.

No side issues so far.
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sujanir 5-Dec-10 16:03pm
This link has good info on codign with outlook Interop DLL. Grab it before Microsoft changes the link.

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