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Hi there

I want to bind data to a checkboxlist item.

So when checkboxlist item is checked  'item 1'  -> insert (1,1,1,1) into the database   'item 2' -> insert (2,2,2,<big>2</big>), ect..
but when a item is unchecked the data wich was inserted must be deleted.

The thing I would want is,

I got a PageID, UserID, PermissionID, RoleID

One person lets say an "admin" whe he is logged in he can Add Users to his OWN Role.
The checkboxes are for the permission "wich the admin can manage" if a item is checked "the user wich has been select throughout a combobox" has VIEW Rights, if the checkboxes are/is unchecked he is not allowed to view te page.

The thing I cant figure out is if I check multiple items, I want them to be added into the database after I press submit, BUT when I uncheck them the date wich was added before must be deleted from the database.

Also when items have been checked/unchecked the admin should be able to retrive the checked/unchecked values when of a sertain users even when he logsout.
Updated 30-Nov-10 22:22pm
Sunasara Imdadhusen 1-Dec-10 5:22am    
You should try yourself! if you are stuck anywhere the ask for help!!
Sandeep Mewara 1-Dec-10 6:00am    
Make effort...try first!

1 solution

you can try for
when checkboxlist item is not checked  'item 1'  -> remove (1) into the database   'item 2' -> remove(2), ect..

* I hope Starting is index...
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