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I have a VC++ console app, which needs to capture the console output from another dll . (The dll methods has few printf functions).

//psuedo of what I want
mydemoapp() //VC++ console APP
   // Here I dont mean to say the function is returning the string.
   // Some mechanism I want here to capture the printfs into buffer1 ( So I used := symbol)
   buffer1 := dll_callA (); //call to another VC++ dll
   printf("output from dll_callA console is %s", buffer1 );

   buffer2 := dll_callB (); //call to another VC++ dll
   printf("output from dll_callB console is %s", buffer2 );

How to achieve the above? (I cannot modify dll)

The signatures of DLL functions are
1 void dll_callA(char* string) and
2 void dll_callB(char* string)?
They have console printf calls inside, which I need to capture

Updated 2-Dec-10 18:27pm
Alain Rist 2-Dec-10 2:35am
What are the signatures of dll_callA() and dll_callB()?
Dalek Dave 2-Dec-10 3:45am
Edited to correct Code Block.

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If I understand correctly your problem, you want to redirect your dll's stdout to some stream you can read.

This requires two programs:

1 A ProgA controlled program which links with the dll and operates it, calling void dll_callA(char* string) etc...

2 A controlling program which launches ProgA with redirected stdout; see Creating a Child Process with Redirected Input and Output[^] for detailed instructions.


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