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How to format the string, currency, datetime and Number in javascript?
Ankur\m/ 5-Dec-10 23:53pm
Have you Googled it?
Kashsolai 6-Dec-10 4:34am
I have googled it. There are some methods like, Reqular expression methods, JQuery plugins But i need an method that use the pattern to format.

In C# I am using like Format("{OrderDate:MM/dd/yyyy}"), OrderDate is the field name. result will neglect the time in OrderDate field and just give the result 10/26/2010 i.e. in MM/dd/yyyy order.
Sandeep Mewara 6-Dec-10 14:17pm
What do you mean by format here?
Kashsolai 6-Dec-10 23:37pm
Format("{OrderDate:MM/dd/yyyy}") input comes from OrderID field 26/10/2010 12:00:00 output is 10/26/2010.

Thank you for your question. You can follow the bellow code.

function CommaFormatted(amount)
    var delimiter = ","; // replace comma if desired
    var a = amount.split('.',2)
    var d = a[1];
    var i = parseInt(a[0]);
    if(isNaN(i)) { return ''; }
    var minus = '';
    if(i < 0) { minus = '-'; }
    i = Math.abs(i);
    var n = new String(i);
    var a = [];
    while(n.length > 3)
        var nn = n.substr(n.length-3);
        n = n.substr(0,n.length-3);
    if(n.length > 0) { a.unshift(n); }
    n = a.join(delimiter);
    if(d.length < 1) { amount = n; }
    else { amount = n + '.' + d; }
    amount = minus + amount;
    return amount;

Date Format

var dt = new Date();
var dtstring = dt.getFullYear()
    + '-' + pad2(dt.getMonth()+1)
    + '-' + pad2(dt.getDate())
    + ' ' + pad2(dt.getHours())
    + ':' + pad2(dt.getMinutes())
    + ':' + pad2(dt.getSeconds());


fjdiewornncalwe 12-Dec-10 10:05am
My vote of 1. This is clearly not your code. Do not plagarize someone's code without giving due credit. Original source was posted by William Bontrager (
Abdul Quader Mamun 12-Dec-10 23:31pm
We are too lazy to search. That's why ask question.
Abdul Quader Mamun 12-Dec-10 23:48pm
Have you ever MSDN code sample?
fjdiewornncalwe 13-Dec-10 14:24pm
I have never posted someone else's code without proper credit. That's just dishonest and wrong.
Use Microsoft Ajax toolkit to achieve your goal.
in javascript it is called MASK.
There is a control in Ajax toolkit in which you can use Extended controls in HtmlControls like input html control.

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