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hi ,
give me a program to accept the string and split the input string by count by 2.
for ex:input string is"Indiana"
the output is:In,nd,di,ia,an,na
Updated 7-Dec-10 1:12am

That's not a doubt, yours is a shameless 'gimmecode' request.
The powerful .NET String class provides all methods you need for completing such a simple task.
Hint: Have a look at Substring method[^].
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Look for loops and string method substring
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it's quite simple my dear , no need for functions ... this is my advice to improve ur programming skills .

here u are :

see the result of ur Example here :[^]

the code :

<pre lang="cs">private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
           int size;
           string word = textBox1.Text;
           size = word.Length;
           char[] array = new char[size];
           array = word.ToCharArray();
           if (size % 2 != 0)
               size += 1;
           for (int i = 0; i < size-2; i += 2)
               textBox2.Text += array[i].ToString() + array[i + 1].ToString() + ",";

this is the source code :

good luck :)
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