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Where does user claim data stored in client computer ?
3)Local Storage
Please help.

I know token gets store in local storage, session Id gets stored in cookies, but where does claim data gets stored ?

What I have tried:

var claims = new[]
 new Claim(ClaimTypes.NameIdentifier, userFromRepo.Id.ToString()),
  new Claim(ClaimTypes.Name, userFromRepo.Username)

Here ,I have kept Username and Id in claim ,but where does it stored. I think it will store in cookies. I am right ? Help me
Updated 1-Apr-19 10:33am

Yes. It basically creates an encrypted cookie on the user's browser. The claims data will then be deleted once you remove the cookie or when the cookie expires.
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[no name] 2-Apr-19 9:28am    
Where does this encrypted cookies located in browser ? Why it is encrypted ?
Vincent Maverick Durano 2-Apr-19 10:50am    
It's encrypted so it can't be tampered, hence it's secured. Cookies are stored in different locations depending on which browser you were in. See this short discussion here:
Depends on the environment the code is running under: storage for a web app will be very different from storage in a WinForms app (and will probably be spread across a couple of those in either)
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