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Hi all

I ve 2 table one is master and another is transaction table
The master table is resume
the fields are 1.resume_id which is auto increment no
the transaction table is Document the fields are
1.document_id auto increment no
5.property_id which is nullable

In the career page the file upload option is there with name,skill and phoneno when u click on submit the data of name,skill and phone no is saved in resume table with the resume _id.and that resume_id is again stored in document table with file_type of uploaded i retrieve the resume_id using linq.

Anybody can write the store procedure for this
thank a lot in advance!
Updated 8-Dec-10 6:35am

1 solution

You need to write LINQ query in order to fetch the max resume_id inserted in the Master table.


int maxresumeID = (from resume in dbContext.Resume
                   select resume.resume_id).Max();
Starlene 8-Dec-10 7:59am
Starlene 8-Dec-10 8:01am
hello can u write the store procedure for this.plz
Amit Kumar Tiwari 9-Dec-10 5:18am
Yes I can write that, but I would prefer you to write it. Otherwise how will you learn it.

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