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Hi friends,

I am developing visitor tracking concept in my webpage.
Basically aspx page loading time is higher than html so I am designing the page in htm and functionality called from aspx.

If any user came to reach my page through search engine first html page only is loaded, then it calls to aspx page, complete the tracking task and again it call it to html page.
This is the concept in my site.

While I am calling the aspx page from html using javascript, control is transferred to aspx to complete the task then return to the html page, but that loop could be unbreakable.

I need a help from to you to stop the loop when that aspx page executed the first time.
Then calling function could be stopped in the html page.

Maybe like this?

loaded to html page --> call to aspx page (at the end of the page call to html page(same page))--> html page which is previous one..

I am unable to stop the loop in the above structured problem.
I may be confusing you, but this is a problem.

Can anyone help to call aspx page functionality from html page using javascript?

thanks in advance..
Updated 9-Dec-10 23:14pm
Sandesh M Patil 9-Dec-10 11:45am
Its really confusing, please elaborate
Sandeep Mewara 9-Dec-10 13:10pm
Not clear. Edit your question and try again to explain your issue.
Dalek Dave 10-Dec-10 5:14am
Edited for Readability.
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Solution 1

Why do you need this? If you can do it in aspx page
ramuksasi 9-Dec-10 14:29pm
thanks for reply...
if i do it in aspx page its loading time could take for long time gab. that is so am trying to do like that...
fjdiewornncalwe 9-Dec-10 14:45pm
Sounds like one of the most creative infinite loops I've seen. As Pradip queries, why do you need this?
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Solution 2

I think you are having a problem describing what you need.

Let me rephrase it for others.

When the first page is hit, it calls an ASP page that runs some functionality, and returns to the first page.
However once it hits the first page again it calls the ASP page again.

Result: Infinite loop!

Flag the ASP call in the html.
So that once the page has been hit the first time it is TRUE, but when you do the call to the ASP page set it to FALSE.
On the return, if it reads FALSE it will not call the ASP Page.
ramuksasi 10-Dec-10 8:05am
thanks for suggestion Dalek Dave..
i tried that way but once the html page is get reloaded or refresh its automatically called to aspx page and its comes under loop.. unable to stop the loop... if u dont mind, will u give me any example regarding my issue..
ramuksasi 10-Dec-10 9:57am
hi dalek dave...
now its working for me..
thanks for ur suggestion..
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Solution 3

<pre lang="java">
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 15-May-12 9:40am
Don't post this kind of message. If it isn' a solution it doesn't belong here!
Please remove this message, lest you be downvoted into oblivion.

Thanks for your cooperation!

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