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hello friends !!!

I want to make a small windows application in C# with sql server as database in which it do:

it uploads the multiple notepad file values to the SQL Server Database (sql server 2k8),
Using this application user can select a multiple notepad files on local drive through file selector , and the values in the notepad files will be inserted in SQL tables as per the business logic.

the notepad file contains values like this(line wise) :


This is a notepad file for a student having four unique IDs. I mean every student would have 4 unique IDs. Now description of each line is as follows:

first line contains unique id (A)
second line contains unique id (B)
third line contains unique id (C)
forth line contains unique id (D)
fifth line contains time of test start
sixth line contains time of test over


Now i have to develop windows application in c # to select multiple notepad files like these which contains student information and the values in the notepad files will be inserted in SQL tables by clicking the upload button.

looking for best easiest way help from u guys as the same xcuse everyone say i m new to both c# and sql server.

E.F. Nijboer 9-Dec-10 13:03pm    
"notepad" isn't a file format, it handles text (*.txt) files ;-)
senguptaamlan 10-Dec-10 3:00am    
please, try to make some coding...make some search...apply ideas available in web...after that if you face any technical issue post will develop Ur knowledge as well as your expertise in the unknown zones....

1 solution

This[^] might help you to get started.

You will also need to investigate the OpenFileDialog (search on MSDN or web)

If I were you I would have a go at that part first before attempting the Database part.

You can always ask again, if you get stuck.
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