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Hi. This is my procedure

create proc temp @value nvarchar(max)
    DECLARE @sql nvarchar(max)
    set @sql = N'Select * from dbo.Categories
    where CategoryName in (' + @value +')';
    print @sql
exec sp_executesql @sql


I can pass multiple value for @value like this and it works

temp @value = '''Beverages'',''Condiments'''

In my window form, I have multiple check boxes, for example if checkbox 1 & 2 were check:

value = "'''"+cb1.Text + "'',''" +cb2.Text + "'''" 

and pass it through SQL parameter, but it doesn't work.It doesn't throw any exception but doesn't return anything either.

Any help was appreciated.

I think you are putting in extra apostophe's on the left of your first parameter and the right of your last parameter.

Fix that and things should work.
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Thanks for replying but I don't think so because it works fine in SQL. I just don't figure out why it doesn't work on my winform
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