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Hi all,

I have created one small application.

It is working fine in local system, but I am going to configure my application to LAN, so I need to change my SQL connection string I think.

This is my connection string for connecting locally:
con = New SqlConnection("Password=frogy@123;Persist Security Info=False;User ID=sa;Initial Catalog=frogy;Data Source=SAMEER-PC\SQLEXPRESS")

How do I have to modify my connection string to make it work in LAN environment?

Thank you!
Updated 13-Dec-10 0:08am
Dalek Dave 13-Dec-10 6:08am
Minor Edit for Grammar and Readability.

If you want to use SQLExpress in a LAN environment where the application is running on different server as where the database is running, you'll have to enable SQLExpress for remote access:

Read all about it here:

If SAMEER-PC is the network name of the computer you intend to run the SQLExpress DB on, your connection string should be fine.


sameertm 12-Dec-10 10:46am
My Server Pc name is SAMEER-PC only, then can u please tell me how should be the connection string
Manfred Rudolf Bihy 12-Dec-10 11:18am
As I wrote in my answer, your connection string is fine. Did you already follow the instructions behind my link to make your SQLExpress DB remotely accessible?
also look at Connection Strings[^]

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