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Hi All,

Can anyone help me on regular expression to allow numbers from -100.000 to +200.000.

Thanks in advance

Hiren solanki 14-Dec-10 4:35am
Why don't you use Comparison operator, It's good for your solution rather then writing cumbersome regex to only achieve simple solution.
Kyrielia 14-Dec-10 4:47am
I agree with Hiren. All you'd need to do to is 'if((-100 < i) && (i < 200))' where i is your number.
E.F. Nijboer 14-Dec-10 5:17am
I agree with all above. Regex is for patterns and you are working on a range which adds unnecessary complexity when using regex for that.

1 solution

I agree with Hiren: you could use a Regex, but it would be a sledgehammer to crack a nut.
The trouble is that the regex would have to cope with:
but reject
Not easy to write in the first place, not easy to maintain (what if the limits change?).

It is not a good Regex task: if you must do this from a string than do it this way:
bool ValidateFloat(string s)
    float f;
    if (float.TryParse(s, out f))
        if ((f >= -100.000) && (f <= 200.000))
            return true;
    return false;
If nothing else, it is a lot easier to read and understand!
Hiren solanki 14-Dec-10 7:58am
That's a good answer with good understanding of regex scope. Take a chilled 5.

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