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Hi Everyone

I hope you can help.

We have a requirement to retrieve web pages from a central source such as a .com or domain. The problem we have is that the data which would populate the webpage/form needs to be retrieve locally perhaps within a database such as SQL Server.

The data CANNOT be stored centrally online due to data protection.

Technology/Platform not a real issue at this point.


Office has an internal network with an SQL Server/local database. User would access a website where a webpage containing a form would be retrieved and data would be retrieved from the internal SQL Server/local database and integrated and then displayed via a web browser.

Is this possible?

Many thanks in advance.


Does the central web server (where the web application is hosted) have access to the local DB Servers ?

If yes, then you can make a XML File or any mapping file where for each location you can specify the database connection strings, and by detecting the request location you can change the database connection string dynamically in the code.
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Sounds like some kind of Cross-site request forgery to me if that would be possible. It would mean that you could host a website of your bank somewhere else and still would work as normal. Would make it interesting to make some small changes like, for example, insert your own account data when money is transfered to another account. So, no this should not be possible.

Good luck!
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