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Hello people,

why is the screen color, menus, program windows and etc. in windows looking different. I have seen windows is bright and linux is dull. I do not change monitor settings but I can see differences. Why? Is it the gui libraries in both reason? Please, I want to know about this.

Thank you,

shankar bhushan
Updated 14-Dec-10 22:03pm

You can test it in following way:-

take two computers with same type of monitors and on default setting...

copy an image file (like .JPEG or .BMP) to both machine, and open them...
you will find no difference.....
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They are two very different Operative Systems, hence the differences, even in the GUI (that is only the 'apparence'). I wouldn't say Linux is dull, anyway.
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Are you using Linux of virtual machine not a fault
if yes it is not a fault of Linux....

You should test on actual Linux machine rather then virtual machine....
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Two different operating systems, but you can make both look like the other if you want to. To avoid legal ramifications, Linux distros can't make their desktops look like Windows or Mac, but the ability for the USER to make these appearance changes is built into the OS (or more accurately, the desktop manager used by the OS).
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shankar bhushan 17-Jan-11 4:11am    
ok I was got some idea.

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