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I have created customcontrol which includes controls like textblock, buttons, sliders etc. In customcontrol I have created public properties for vital controlproperties what I like to show outside to client who is using my customcontrol. For example my textblock text property in mycontrol

/// Public property of customcontrol header
public string Header
          get { return txtBlockHeader.Text;  }
          set { txtBlockHeader.Text = value; }

In clientside I can see my customcontrol and I can see my customcontrol property "Header" like I usually do with properties, BUT when I try to set databinding between my dataClass property and my customcontrol property I hit the wall. Here how I try to make bindings

//create bidings between dataClass property and customcontrol property
Binding binding = new Binding("Header");
binding.Mode = BindingMode.TwoWay;
binding.Source = dataClass;

//here I cant find Setbinding method like I usually do...

Hope you got idea :)


Try changing the Header property to,

public string Header
          get { return txtBlockHeader.GetValue(TextBox.TextProperty).ToString();  }
          set { txtBlockHeader.SetValue(TextBox.TextProperty, value); }

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paleGegg0 20-Dec-10 5:03am
thank you! Problem solved. Helped me a lot :)
Hi Raistu,

Maybe there is some misunderstanding, but:
You declared the Header property as string and expect to have it a SetBinding - method? So either expose the TextBlockControl (txtBlockHeader) through the Header property, or let the Control handle the Binding.
paleGegg0 20-Dec-10 5:03am
thank you! Problem solved. Helped me a lot :)

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